Executive Committee Memebrs





Dr.More vishwasrao Madhukarrao.
Full Name                         :       Dr.More vishwasrao Madhukarrao.
Designation                     :       Livestock Development Officer.
Qualification                    :       B.V.Sc.& A.H.
Registration No.              :       6229
Specialisation                  :      Farmer’s Training & Work Camps, Extension work.
Dutis Assigned                :      Govt. Service.
Residential Adress         :       Madhushalini, Gatade Plot,A/P-Pandharpur, Dist.Solapur
Official Adress                :        Livestock Development Officer,A/P-Pandharpur,                                          Dist.Solapur.
Telephone No.                 :       02186/225010
Mobile No.                        :       9422648617
Email Id                            :        -----
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