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Indian Veterinary Council Act,1984(52 of 1984) was enacted in the year 1984 and was published in the Extraordinary Gazette of India dated 21st August,1984 to regulate veterianary practice and to provide for that purpose,for the establishment of Veterinary Council of India and State Veterinary Counciles and the maintenance of Registers of Veterinary practitioners and for the matters connected therewith.
Maharashtra State Veterinary Council is organizing National Symposium of Inter State Veterinary Councils for Effective Implementation of Indian Veterinary Council Act, 1984 on 29th and 30th June 2013. Announcement cum Invitation are sent by post to Registrars, Presidents, Vice-Presidents of all the State Veterinary Councils and Members of Indian Veterinary Council. All are requested to attend the symposium.
However those who have not received the invitation may please treat this as an invitation and kindly make it convenient to attend the Symposium. The State Veterinary Councils are also requested to make the presentation on topics, if any.
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